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      Welcome to Naughty Girl™ Fitness! I'm beyond excited that you are embarking on your fitness journey with me. I have been working as a professional dancer for over thirteen years, and I'm at my best when my muscles are toned and strong. Because of my extensive experience both personally and professionally, I know how to target certain muscle groups to obtain a “fit”, sculpted, healthy body. Rooted in my love of dance and fitness, I developed the Naughty Fit™ Method.


      The Naughty Fit™ Method is the first of its kind. Each Naughty Fit™ Workout is designed into 4 parts with Fitness Choreography to songs that I hand-pick to align with my Naughty Fit™ sequence. The first three songs give you a high-intensity, full-body workout, and the last song is your perfect, workout-ending, stress-relieving, cooldown. In less than 20 minutes, when done properly, you can expect to burn over 500 calories while having fun and developing rhythm.

      My Naughty Fit™ Workout Series is designed to be challenging. You'll repeat and work on Naughty Fit™ Routines multiple times while having a great time. You'll become more comfortable with the choreography with each repeated workout. There's no need to get discouraged, I've got you! Stick with me, and I promise you'll increase in both physical strength and confidence and... it gets even better! With Naughty Fit™ you'll also learn to love your body and yourself, so you can show up as the person you know you're called to be. This is so much more than a high-powered workout method, it's a whole-person, self-love, strength and training program. I welcome you to the Naughty Fit™ Method. Our goal is to make your workouts beneficial, fun, and sexy! Let’s do this!

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